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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  February 14, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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the era of big government is over but it's not. it is getting bigger. what is in store for our future? tonight. [applause] >> my audience and i just watched the state of the union. once again i am freaked out. president says he will not
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increase the deficit but the government will consume more money and more of my freedom that is what i heard. with someone who respects the dignity of the individual, individual freedom if only ron paul would run for president. he is here. dr. paul why did you run for president? >> that is interesting had a dream that i did and i was doing very well and i won the primary in iowa and a look of the next morning and my name was never mentioned. i guess it was a dream but i thought about it. >> but you did get in the republican primary more than
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2 million votes. >> deal is one to do better but i was very encouraged that is where i have become more optimistic i did watch the same "state of the union" message it is rather depressing but i will continue to go to college campuses. so many young people understand it is so different from when i got in that 1970 now people do care by individual liberty and limited government. >> i don't blame you you show up 10 hours early at
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the end of the ideal to get your face on tv? it is a set up fast. >> it is terrible. it is like a joyous occasion rushing in to get seats and they will occupy a seat early hours and hours before but jumping up and down sure they get up or sit on their hands? plague the world has been saved it would be so distorted but they live in their own bubble in don't know that there's anybody like you that might have questions about what is going on and we did not gee answers tonight. >> there is no requirement
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to hold a celebration the constitution says time to time give congress information on the "state of the union." jefferson wrote in his sphere george washington high said 800 words and obama was several thousand that depresses me. do they give you hope? >> six or 12 will do a good job which is more than when i was there. >> you endorsed a few.
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yes that is a good start. we do need a lot more but after listening to a speech like that it will not quit before we have a committee but that doesn't mean we should not change people's mind but to think we'll have more members of congress coming to our senses to vote against largess, bring troops home, repeal and restraint the president's right to so-called to do that? economic and a crisis where there will be a decision made from the young people on what kind of a system we have. we have a constitution and if we would do that but right now it is not gradual.
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it is a financial crisis that will be very, very serious. >> the answers in the constitution. it is so thin compared to the laws we must obey. you were in congress 35 years. anything get better? >> it got worse. spending went up, government got bigger, more printing of money, more wars, a more central economic planning, more power to the fed but in the '30's on the surface was in defense of liberty and the gold standard that reverses the case now everything looks like welfare and warfare forever but underneath there
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is a smoldering desire hand to talk about gun-control the american people. >> to talk about gun control they never mentioned the word drone. >>. >> i think the drone missile it is one of the most dangerous things. the stock on civil liberties is the most serious threat but the killing of foreigners by drones and civilians get killed and americans get killed it is
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so over-the-top. >> they do say are keeping them safe do that there so they don't do what here. >> as they say but over there you get 10 more dedicated to the al qaeda principles keep foreigners out of our land and those who come here to kill us and right now i saw a statistic we're putting troops into 35 countries in africa to compete with china. they are investing in natural resources. of they put more troops in africa but we have troops in iraq and afghanistan it will
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backfire because we will go bankrupt the that is not the way to influence people. >> we have a large of a young audience who has questions i left out somebody named ray and paul is see as a libertarian as you? >> he is the most libertarian in the senate to. and has been exposed to all the good ideas but i will not do a comparison. >> how are you doing tonight? my question is what did you
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learn running for president? >> you should have enough people double checking the of votes to get a fair shake. liberty is alive and well and i just love the fact young people will respond to a libertarian message response, responsibility, so und money to have a different form policy not looking for wars to fight. i learned the country is a lot better off than it was. but it did turn out i met a significant number. >> i have a question.
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we have four more years of obama and christine his record what will it take for obama supporters to protest like when the last republican was in office? >> they will not -- they are not going to as long as the many functions. the world market is willing to do is take dollars and is still better than foreign currency. we get the printed money, run up debts obama promises extra spending with the military industrial complex it won't stop until the dollar quits working it done any time but not in the
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next week or two. there is no serious attempt. the argument is increasing by 19 or 20% then they say those who want 19% are slashing the budget and are so far out of touch it takes the bankruptcy people to say enough is enough. >> when interest rates go up, they go up suddenly. thank you for your service. you were so alone for so many years. thank you for fighting the good fight. >> thank you. >> later i will give the "state of the union" that obama should have given. what is the states of the
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clap the president has laid out his plan to create more jobs. somehow it involves more government but this government create jobs? he built of business and steve forbes runs the magazine that is a capitalist tool. level think people get that full show what does government do to create jobs? john: government can create jobs and pay people. >> magicians can create rabbits. [laughter] not in the real world. [laughter]
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with the mayors -- aristocracy versus capitalism you can achieve success, not be bailed out then this economy creates jobs and allows people to move ahead as abraham lincoln said improve their lot in life. government hurts' opportunities come to keep people in their place and is not a how to create things. free the people. they will do its. [laughter] john: you may kitchen ventilation systems in the kitchen to suck up the bad air but government wants to make your business better so then they will help all of the of the if you focus on 79 pages of regulation, and many manufacturers are very
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small, it is too abstract it is impossible to read. >> notice of proposed rulemaking subsection 13, a complete missing in action is unintelligible then they try to make your fans used less electricity. so we have a paradox but he wants to regulate us to death so with creativity with the small investments made over a long period of time and government dampens that for the economy. >> keep in mind if you don't succeed in a true free market even if you meet the needs and wants of other
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people. john: not the caricature of obama that he paints of us being greedy cackling over your money. >> coping people get more miserable. [laughter] >> but you don't get many of us somebody else wants it. of electricity people want more efficient fans, bob will provide them. the markets respond. 30 years ago as big as a shoebox it costs $3,995 if obama was involved it would be $9,995. [applause] john: capitalism brings us stuff but the president says it's not fair the ceo gets the money.
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>> they must have pleased a lot of people. just like baseball players or a movie actresses. >> raise the minimum wage. >> those are teenagers. i worked for $0.85 an hour and i was happy to have the job. >> will people start out did not have the skills. with entry-level job you get the skills to move up and higher wages this creates more teenage unemployment you don't get the chance to enter the workforce. [applause] john: young people are applauding. >> they get it. they're hurt the most. john: 6 million new jobs have been created since he
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took office? >> as if he created them but if the pay of those overall no skill though low wage jobs and with bill clinton to do real things. john: i think the public is against zero young voters are liberal and open what you want government to do? create jobs somehow the free market does that. >> a free lunch excel -- sounds good as 60% of job creators of the federal government is hawse style. how can they do that and create jobs? they can't.
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it is a paradox. john: this was done by the job creators alliance who wants to speak out. your ceos in general have not wanted to participate. >> but the small business people are speaking out saying the federal government is hostile and inhibits job creation and dampens freedom with 79 pages of regulation. >> they are intimidated by political correctness. >> or they may be targeted by the irs if they speak out >> looked at standard and poor's. they did for a job but so did the competitors they lower the rate of the government and the government targets them. john: next to michele obama
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there was a big difference praising business but now has a captive customer base. you have to please your customers every second or you'll lose them and everything you have gained. >> ceo turnover is the highest it has ever been. the market works if you were paid a lot and deliver or out you go i wish we had that in baseball. john: or politics. [laughter] john: three libertarian experts with the real meaning of hamas promises. this is $100,000.
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and. [applause] watching the coverage of the "state of the union" i hear republicans and democrats thinking will this help republicans? i don't care. so to talk about freedom and prosperity, our freedom loving panel is here to debate this with kathryn mangu-ward and deroy murdoch and michael moynihan what does it mean to you? >> the onslaught will continue. the american people don't expect people to -- the government to solve every problem. >> we have 15 manufacturing hubs. john: and the government has to create that.
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>> and a college score card i that "u.s. news and world report" gave us updates but now the government will do that. and with federal subsidies, more activity and it will cost a lot of money. >> preschool is appealing to people. >> he just wants to give the kids a head start? >> i am highly sympathetic to putting kids in the government hands but headstart has a not a great record spending a billion dollars to get little in terms of results. the government's own study. john: no results one year later. >> gains during the preschool years gone by first grade.
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and similar bad results socially. john: fewer is riata 10 are enrolled in preschool like it is a problem. >> it is not like the government has done well overall we have tripled spending and scores are flat. we sock at education. john: he says he will not to increase the deficit. >> it is quite remarkable how most of the life of the country the government was less than 5% and only recently it has gone up and now with sequestration to talk about harsh arbitrary cuts which sound terrible. >>. >> if we do this it will
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offend a constituent so that is consistent so then with democrats so to talk about intimate reform republicans and democrats are very bad. [applause] a lot of things can be solved. >> so to make adjustments marco rubio said anybody who believes in leaving medicare the way it is is in favor of bankrupting at. that is more honest that i have heard lately. >> but really nothing happened as part of the fiscal cliff discussions republican said a little something to push the so
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security age of one year harry reid said no. no change whatsoever. >> his version of bold talk is he used the word a modest. >> keep in mind there is a bold announcement 400 billion of bipartisan shares that said this was a more irish. >> 2.5 trillion has been cut for what they wanted to increase. >> republicans don't kill anything. >> but with cuts it means reduced the rate of increase. the makeup that israel is when you take a program cut it, send workers home and put an extra legislation and close the building.
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to bring power to appellations has power know they put in broadband internet. the g.o.p. should find 10 programs and old and shut them down those are real cuts. john: "the washington post" had a great story this federal program wall died the christopher columbus fellowship program spending 80 percent of money in overhead even president obama requested to be cut four times, republicans introduced legislation, they cannot get rid of it because senator cochrane who has a contributor on the board preserves it. >> you don't have to go to an example like that, but also talk about farm subsidies that is bipartisan agreement they are broken in the same bill as food stamps
9:37 pm
, american farmers are not in trouble yet we cut them dozens of checks every year including those who lived in manhattan. >> get the farm subsidies grow forever and ever. >> end then we find out what the super bowl ad the farmers are the backbone of america. [applause] john: let's talk about college. he will have a score card and in fairness "u.s. news and world report" does it but they will say who gets jobs. >> bill gates gave his annual address on issues facing the world and said we need to rework the scorecard and education bill gates, u.s. news and the government version that no one reads badly for matted and cannot find it on the internet except pd f and it
9:38 pm
has to be downloaded. [laughter] [applause] and will cost millions of dollars. john: climate change. we must do more to combat climate change and there is overwhelming judgment of scientists that hurricane sandy. [laughter] caused by climate change? >> i give him credit for being that devious he says sandy than overwhelming evidence, there is not that climate change caused hurricane sandy. >> there is no evidence. >> maybe this sea level rises and the frequencies of the hurricanes with climate change is just john. pick on that it is just the right out there to get a federal program to solve this. john: there is a lot of evidence the climate is
9:39 pm
warming. >> but i think might be responsible for the full moon that was a large factor of hurricane sandy. [laughter] john: he gets the troops out of afghanistan. >>. [laughter] >> sleight of hand. we will go down to a troop level if not slightly more, why? >> shockingly obama doesn't mention he had what failed miserably but we will get the troops out and have a strong presence and empty phrases and afghanistan is a colossal mess. john: women should earn a living equal to their efforts passed the paycheck fairness act. >> do hope to earn of living
9:40 pm
with my efforts but i think that act has nothing to do with it. [laughter] [applause] john: women do make less money but there is a reason for that which i will cover in a future show. thank you. stick around now is your turn for u.s. home to grow our guest. we will be right back. [applause]
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[applause] now your turn. more reaction to the "state of the union." kathryn mangu-ward, michael moynihan's comments and deroy murdoch isn't the
9:45 pm
president's focus on gun-control and immigration a smokescreen to avoid dealing with the debt? >> maybe not but when you do a budget that they have not done in four years and to be more specific is hard work. as an issue. >> the american people don't know what to do about the debt they think it is out of control they're perfectly happy to talk about other stuff. >> what to expect the impact of the college ranking system to be? >> what he is trying to do i think is go harder on the for-profit schools. first term he tried to issue new rules to the department
9:46 pm
of education to make a harder for for-profit schools to get more money while i favor turning off the flood of money but i suspect the underlying purpose will be to make the for-profit schools that do career training look bad and not eligible for federal funds. >> that's right. >> like everything in the speech it has zero defect. >> if they would be brave to say why is the cost of college rising? but that is not how this works. sandy of the thing is we need to more kids in college so the cost will rise which is a big factor. >> off topic but to get your honest opinion may
9:47 pm
first, 2011 and some of them nodding killed that within 24 hours the body was dumped in the ocean do think it was the right move in and do you believe the government? >> interesting. >> i favor the explanation of incompetence over conspiracy. if you think about that as a conspiracy, it was bad p.r. but i don't think anything sinister. >> a very good moment to you don't did away. >> think how many people on the ship would have to be involved in the conspiracy and never talk about it i think the theories are just a series.
9:48 pm
>> are there any reforms. is anything with gun-control reform that will help? >> we have the no fly listed you were on there to get past the ticket counter there on the no by less. >> that is there's a lot of people. >> i don't think this stuff will have an appreciable effect as a deep cultural problem to take away the guns it is like the drug war but demand remains. >> to the proposed would not have proposed the specific events, background checks would not have stopped.
9:49 pm
there is a strong urge to do things even the president has with common-sense reform >> part of the discussion needs to be control of the guns we have a s.w.a.t. team mentality where if you sell raw milk not pasteurized us what team shuts down a dairy. it is insanity. >> not just the injunction but coming in with black jackets there should be a control of government guns to be a part of this discussion also. [applause] john: president said we cannot cut our way to prosperity. yes we can but that is not
9:50 pm
intuitive. >> those are harsh and arbitrary. john: next, what the president should have said. my "state of the union." [applause] vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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[applause] john: we heard the "state of the union" or government is the solution but i have a dream my president walks to the podium to say that's. [applause] john: thank you. i am so happy. i wind but now i realize somebody has to be the grown-up. i know speaker gaynor said the don't have the spending problem but i remember that but we do. will catch our history. for most of the life government was relatively small federal, state, and local government spent less than five a dollars per person in today's dollars that is all we spent
9:55 pm
government was less than 5% of our economy when america grew the most even limited government had plenty of money for the louisiana purchase, a civil war, a transcontinental railroad, it became the richest and most powerful country in the world then government grew. here is a role for one, a world war ii, notice size came back down again then it has gone straight up with did johnson said government can cure poverty. and we created welfare payments so government grew. but they need more investment but they did not
9:56 pm
work. so on their own when government was small big government stepped in and and we taught people to be dependent in the course stayed for. bill clinton puts us on of better track and it's so cagey did not want to reform republicans but the economy grow contract to a sustainable future but 90,000 new regulators. the whole new cabinet department to bailout car companies and banks has a big spender and i need a ladder. we spent more now at $20,000
9:57 pm
per person. a family of $480,000. >> it is not sustainable. so this week and had an epiphany. what was so wrong with spending in clinton years. widely to spend more than clinton? so i propose we cut spending by 35 percent that is what gets us back at clinton level and those drones that we like using? as constitution says that we cannot kill people. need to look into this for have been a hypocrite about school choice, of the drug
9:58 pm
war i can dream may be he will say that next year. that is our onlin see you next week.nest gas turns [applause] siemens. answers. did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today.
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